Scaling Up RES Integration of Variable Renewable Energy into the Grid

Scaling Up RES Integration of Variable Renewable Energy into the Grid

June 18, 2020 - 16:53

The EU GCC Clean Energy Technology Network, with the support of the Middle East Solar Industry Associationis organising a Training Webinar Series on Scaling Up RES. The first training will focus on the Integration of Variable Renewable Energy into the Grid which will take place on Tuesday 23 June 2020 at 12.00 CET

Renewable Energy has become one of the most valuable and sustainable options in meeting energy needs having achieved grid parity in terms of costs as well as technical requirements. On the other hand, with the rising concerns on climate change, countries are under pressure to use massively renewable energy sources and thus reduce CO2 emissions. The installed capacity of renewable power has grown significantly in the last decade but still not sufficient to meet the targets that have been recommended by UN organisations and dedicated institutions to meet the Paris agreement objectives.

Among the challenges that can slow down the penetration of these energy sources in to the grid we can site:

  • Variability of wind and solar energy.
  • The output of VRE plants cannot be predicted with perfect accuracy.
  • VRE generators can provide voltage support and frequency control to the grid but it needs an additional capital investment.
  • Low capacity factor of VRE plants.

Best practices on planning and coordination, flexible regulations, flexible demand and storage programs among others, can mitigate the problems of integrating large amounts of renewables into the grid.

In this context, this training webinar aims to exchange experiences, knowledge and best practices on all aspects of VRE integration into the grid. Moreover, during the webinar relevant EU and GCC best practices and case studies, as well as opportunities for EU GCC partnerships will be highlighted.

The agenda as well as the registration link, are available at the event's webpage.